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Buy 4F-BCA Online The identification of 4F-BCA comes from the already existing synthetic cannabinoids.  It is abbreviated as 4-fluoro-BCA and is encountered both in liquid and solid form. Originally known as a stimulant and belongs to the cannabinoid indazole family. A constituent of herbal plant mixture and is available online as a designer drug.  No specific and straightforward method is known for its preparation.

It is a strong research chemical and not valid for human consumption. It appears that the effects of 4F-BCA are similar to other cannabinoids. Researchers and chemists can buy 4F-BCA for testing, research, and forensic applications.

Buy 4F-BCA Online


General pharmacology of 4F-BCA

Generally, 4F-BCA is a constituent of the cannabinoid category. It was created as a replacement to 4F-ADB.  The effects induced by 4F-BCA are similar to 4F-ADB and 5F-ADB. In the cannabinoid drug market, it is introduced as a new research chemical only intended for research purposes. It is a great substituent for both 5F-ADB and 4f-adb.  Buy 4F-BCA for sale online with 99 % purity from Chemical frog.

You can either smoke or eat 4F-BCA as it available both in liquid and solid forms.

The molecular formula of 4F-BCA is C23H22FN3O. Apparently, it is a yellow powdered research chemical.  Store it in dry and cool places for long term uses.



Buy 4F-BCA Online