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The drug is the direct result of the efforts of Leo Sternbach and others.


Chemistry of Diclazepam

The chemical class of Diclazepam is Benzodiazpine as it contains a benzene ring in its structure coalesced with diazepine ring. The seven-member diazepine ring contains two nitrogen components located at R1 and R4.


Usage and Effects of Diclazepam1:

  • The impact of the drug as studied by research and trails extensively in the past find a clear similarity to diazepam.
  • As they both cause stress alleviation, muscle relaxing, hypnotic, amnesia etc.
  • The impact and influence of the drugs on the subjects are wide ranging.
  • And can be looked into from various different perspectives and angles.


Cognitive and Subjective effects2:

The drug causes the release of stress and anxiety.
It is used as an anti-depressant though the after bouts of the drug can cause an impediment in physical energy and cognition.
The usage of the drug can cause subjective experience similar in nature to mild hallucinations.
Which can also cause unforeseen effects on its part as well.
The drug can cause amnesia, memory loss or information process suppression on excessive usage.
It can also cause suppression in emotions and an inability to communicate in an effective manner.


Physical effects3:

The common side effects of this are the loss of energy and a continuous feeling of lethargy.
It can cause the feeling of numbness, dizziness and motor control loss…

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Paradoxical effects3:

On rare cases i.e. 1%, the use of drug can cause bipolar behavior and a loss of impulse control especially in children, patients with mental disorder and those on high dosage.The drug can also cause an addiction and leaving it could become a hard thing to do. A sudden embargo in administering of the drug can cause death in severe cases.

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