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Firstly, 4-ANPP or N-phenyl-1- (2-phenylethyl) -4-piperidinamine is a new designer drug, classified as piperidinamine. This chemical is synthesiz as an intermediate between fentanyl from N-phenethyl-4-piperidone. This 4-ANPP impurity which is presncndetn in fentanyl preparations. 4-ANPP is a metabolite of acetylfentanyl, butyrylfentanyl and furanylfentanyl. 4-ANPP is produce in modern chemical laboratory, professionals who know their business, which makes it the highest quality.Buy 4-ANPP online


Secondly, According to the classification provide by companies to ECHA in CLP notifications this substance is fatal if you swallow, is fatal in contact with skin, when inhale and may cause drowsiness or dizziness.


Buy 4-ANPP online 

Thirdly, 4-ANPP and all other synthetic opiates sold on this website are for research and legal applications. 4-ANPP is a designer drug with obvious physiological and psychoactive effects.


Side effects from 4-ANPP are not known.

Buy 4-ANPP Online