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Buy U-47700 Powder Online


u-47700 is a profoundly powerful narcotic pain relieving drug that has been affirmed in numerous narcotic overdoses and passings and was found in mix with fentanyl during the post-mortem of the American guitarist Prince in 2016. U-47700 is controlled as a Schedule I compound in the United States. This Certified Spiking Solution® is relevant for use in pee sedate testing, clinical toxicology, or criminological investigation applications by LC-MS/MS or GC/MS.


This Cerilliant item is a piece of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Opioid CRM Kit including more than 40 CRMs to be utilized as a major aspect of CDC′s research center reaction to the narcotic plague. The packs are sans given of charge to tranquilize testing research centers situated in the United States. A mentioning lab must have current DEA enlistment and must follow all particular state and neighborhood guidelines. Visit for directions on mentioning a free Opioid CRM Kit. It would be ideal if you note, CDC will audit and favor all request demands preceding shipment.


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Buy U-47700 Powder Online